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Pray March 23, 2023

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PRAISE & PRAYER March 23, 2023


All of the following praise and prayer requests are taken from the communication cards that are put in the offering on Sundays and from prayer chain calls & emails.

1. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God, and the peace of God that surpasses comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Praises / Answered Prayers

Deborah Nielsen is praising the Lord for answered prayer. She found a place to live not far from Grace. It's amazing and has all been refurbished. Continue to pray for the paperwork and move to go smoothly. (3/23/23)

Worker of the Week (Casey Wilson & Gregg Granillo: Cars and Coffee Event Organizers) Praise the Lord for Casey and Gregg for organizing a fun, fellowship and outreach event. Pray that many people were blessed and encouraged by the fellowship and that visitors would come to church and receive the Lord. Pray that God would bless them and their families.

Pray for Our Nation & President/Pray for Our Church

  1. Pray for the Pastors and Elders of Grace as they shepherd the flock at our church.

  2. Pray for the Deacons of our church. Pray that God would give them wisdom as they focus on overseeing

    their responsibilities of benevolence, visitation, and the needs of widows and our Grace Church Family.

  3. Pray that we fervently pray Jesus' last prayer before the Cross in John 17:20-23, that believers displayoneness, unity, and harmony to the world, while praying for all, especially our enemies.

  4. Veritas Christian Academy: Continue to pray for the administrator and the staff and for the gospel to be

    central to the school’s mission.

    Pray For Our Missionaries

Praise: From Walt Becker. “I am doing well. I am home and at about 80%. -- Walking, talking and praising

God after 30 days in the hospital! I was hit with COVID, a serious infection in my blood and pneumonia all at the same time. As I told the doctors, God's grace is greater than all our infirmities; HE alone decides when we go home to heaven. God answered the prayers of the His prayer warriors like you! Thank all for their continued prayers.”

Prayer: From Karl Peterson. In Africa for five weeks. March 26 to 30 will be in Cape Town preparing a class I teach at the Bible Institute of South Africa. Then I head to Mozambique to teach a seminar and preach on Palm Sunday and to a church conference on Easter weekend. Then back to Cape Town to teach a missiology class. From April 14 to May 1, I am in Zambia for extensive teaching and more preaching. Pray for God’s blessing on these lectures, seminars, sermons and conversations and for safe travel and logistics of the journey.”

Pray for Our Shut-ins

Mary MacClanahan, Rose Maciejczak, Nancy Partain, Karen Sachs, Leona Schutt, Nancy Varela, Linda Ross. Please remember to pray for our shut-ins. You may want to send them a card, call or visit them as the Lord leads you. If you know of anyone else we should add to this list, please call the church office. (707) 255-4033.

Pray For One Another
UNSPOKEN REQUESTS: Robin Porter (2) (If you would like to have an unspoken request, contact the office

at 255-4033.)

1. Please pray for Pam Fernandez for relief from back pain that has been more frequent lately. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and good results from an MRI and mostly for pain relief for Pam. (3/23/23)

2. Wanda Andrade would like prayer for her grandson, Nathan, that he would be open to the gospel. (3/23/23)

3. Sharon Suhr would like prayer for her dad, Tom, who has been on chemo since August for Multiple Myeloma and will undergo a stem cell transplant on 3/24. He'll be in the hospital in Philadelphia for 3-4 weeks. He is a believer. Please pray that he will have peace and be sustained during this difficult process. Sharon is flying back to Pennsylvania later this week to be with her mom and family during this time. (3/23/23)

4. Jeff and Anne Harlow would like continued prayer for Jeff’s mom, Nancy Jones. Pray that her health would stabilize and that God will continue to provide financially for her. Please pray that her medical paperwork gets approved and that Jeff gets power of attorney for her. God is good and in control. (3/23/23)

5. Rhonda McIntyre is requesting pray for her sister Renee Rattener for healing for her heart. (3/23/23)

6. Kimberly Skog is asking for continued prayers for her mother Diane Pierce. She has stage 4 brain cancer and she suffered a Intercranial brain hemorrhage. She is in an acute rehab trying to regain strength so they can bring her home. Please pray for comfort and peace of mind as she struggles to find peace with God. Pray for guidance for Kimberly to be that light for our Lord. (3/16/23)

7. Silvia Hernandez would like prayer for her daughter, Alexis, that she would find God and that God would work to bring her back to her family that loves and misses her. (3/16/23)

8. Please pray for Jim Porter who has Stage 4 cancer. He and his wife, Julee are driving ninety miles to and from the hospital everyday for six weeks for the chemo treatment. The doctors have given Jim maybe a year to live. Pray for Julee also as she has heart trouble. Jim and Julee Porter used to attend Grace Church. They moved away some years ago into retirement and now live in Georgia. If you would like to give them a call to encourage them, their phone number is 706-489-3207. (3/16/23)

9. Suzi Herschend would like prayer for her daughter and tiny grandson. Her daughter has Covid and is due in early April. Pray for a quick recovery and a healthy pregnancy. Thank you for your prayers. (3/16/23)

10. Please pray for the Wagner family as they are going through deep waters. Please pray for their grandson for God’s loving kindness, protection and grace. (3/9/23)

11. Please pray for Janice Mares and her husband Bill. Pray for Bill for healing from painful side effects of a hospital procedure. Pray for both Janice and her husband for strength, perseverance, and faith that God will work all things for good for those who are called according to His purpose. (3/9/23)

12. Please continue to pray for Tom Howe for strength and healing from cancer. Also, pray for his wife, Judith, who fell and injured her knee that it would heal quickly. (3/9/23)

13. Joan Rubano is asking for prayer for her friend, Diane. She has been having severe back pain over the past 1+ month and she is seeing a specialist this week. Also, Joan is resuming her job search. Pray for the right place, right people, right location according to God's purpose and will at this time in her life. (3/2/23)

14. James Darling is requesting prayer for his father, Chris, as he is in pain from being in remission from multiple myeloma. (2/16/23)

15. Kiara Hill would like prayer as she just lost her job. Her husband is working 2 times as hard to help with the bills. Pray that God would provide for their needs. (2/16/23)

16. Please pray for Bob and Arlene Rowe. Bob’s younger brother, Rod recently passed away. Rod suffered withParkinson’s disease for several years. They are praying he came to know the Lord. Please also pray for Rod’s wife, Pam Rowe, as she is also suffering over the loss of her husband. (2/16/23)

17. Arlene Rowe is asking for prayer for Ricardo Madrigal’s mom Margarita Madrigal. She had a bone marrow transplant and her heart is basically fighting this and she is not doing well. (2/16/23)

18. Cheryl Schneider is requesting continued prayer for her niece, Liz Hoffman. She has cancer, and even though it is stage #4, there seems to be hope. (2/9/23)

19. Please pray Kevin Clemes for strength and courage during his trials.

Pray For Our Loved Ones in the Military, Our Nation, and Our President
  1. Les & Marilee Wilson are requesting prayer for their nephew, Tony, who is in the Army and is now stationed in Washington DC. Please pray that Tony and his wife, Mandy, will receive Christ. (1/20/22)

  2. Pray for Konrad Fisk, grandson of Barry & Laurie Urbach. Konrad is now stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. He is now a Marine and has graduated to "Specialty Training in Data & Communications” @Marine Base - 29 Palms, CA.

  3. Landon Polk is a young man who grew up in this church and is in the US Army. Pray for God to protect, richly bless, encourage, and keep his faith strong while serving Christ and his country.

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