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  1. was born into a Muslim family in a middle eastern country and raised to be a strong Muslim boy. He did not find peace and joy in Islam. After many trials as a young man, a Korean missionary gave him a New Testament and he began reading it, which led to his Christian conversion. After healing from an illness at this time, Y. knew that he could not keep this wonderful news of salvation inside. God put a strong call on his heart to share the Good News with everyone he knew (Muslims) around him. He later became an elder, preacher, and evangelist of a church in his native country. Since those early days, Y. has been to many parts of the world, evangelizing, starting churches, and discipling converts, focusing on those with a Muslim background. He attended a Bible college for 3 years in his native country. Y. and D. were married in 2001 and have two children, a boy and a girl. Due to intense persecution in their home country, Y. and his family moved to the United States in 2009, living in Houston, and ministering to local refugees and Muslims. In August 2018 they moved to Colorado and began serving an ongoing ministry of evangelism to refugees in Eastern European countries, visiting 2-4 times a year to train Muslim back-ground leaders and do street evangelism. They have now been able to return to their home country and continue to do evangelism and training along with mercy and benevolent ministry.