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The goal and purpose of Grace Church Missions is defined as any endeavor to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by proclaiming His Gospel, making disciples around the world. Psalm 22: 27-28

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Karl & Glyn PetersonKarl & Glyn Peterson

Karl & Glynn Peterson serve the Lord in both the United States and in South Africa, Mozambique, and Angola. Karl is an Elder at the Parker Hills Bible Fellowship church in Denver, Co., as he continues ministry in Africa. He is a professor at the Bible Institute of South Africa and has a significant role in teaching and training leaders for the African church.

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Emma & Allen KiwanukaEmma & Allen Kiwanuka

Emma Kiwanuka is the pastor of Zana Community Church in Kampala, Uganda which was planted in 1997. This church is mission-minded and committed to Biblical teaching as taught from a reformed point of view.

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Vanensio & Eddy BamwitirebyeVanensio & Eddy Bamwitirebye

Vanensio Bamwitirebye is the pastor of Bundibugyo Community Worship Centre in the Bundibugyo district, a region on the border of Uganda and DR Congo devastated by fighting and HIV/AIDS that left many people displaced, widowed and orphaned.

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Aza is a man whom God has raised up to evangelize and plant churches in a part of the world that desperately needs to hear and believe the gospel. When Aza came to Christ as a young man living in a mostly Muslim country, he had a burden placed on his heart to share the gospel with those around him.

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Yajak and his family, wife and two children, are missionary partners to our church. A missionary with Action International, Yajak has a global vision and provides pastoral leadership training, mentoring, and discipleship to hundreds of pastors and church leaders in his home country, several other neighboring countries, as well as to churches in the United States and Canada.

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Nonilo & Fely Sanchez serve God in many Southeast Asia Islands. Through various ministries, including a mobile school of theology and ministry and Sola Gratia Theological seminary, men are equipped for the ministry of teaching and preaching God’s Word.

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As a missionary partner with Grace, Ranjan has a passion for the Lord’s kingdom in his homeland in Asia. He leads, trains, and ministers to pastors of small churches, home fellowships, and mentor groups. His ministry is seeing rapid growth. There are now 19,000 believers in 104 churches scattered throughout persecuted areas of his home region.

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Dr. Thangi Chhangte, missionary to Asia. As a linguist and translator, Thangi’s ministry is to make written access to the Bible, hymn books and some other Christian literature available to tribal peoples in remote locations.

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GCN-website-missions-international-06Walt & Sharon Becker

Walt & Sharon Becker with Action International. Walt serves on the Pastoral Leadership Development team, which encourages and equips some of the millions of untrained and undertrained pastors worldwide with books, pastors’ conferences and missionary mentors.

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GCN-website-missions-international-19M. & I.

Michael and his family are new missionary partners to our church. He is a graduate of the Master’s Seminary and served at Grace Community Church in Southern California.

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GCN-website-missions-international-12Tan & Kaarin Molina

Tan & Kaarin Molina are missionary partners with our church, currently church planting in Santiago, Spain.

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During many years serving several U. S. churches in various ministry leadership capacities, J.S., along with his wife and children, led and served on numerous short term mission trips to Eastern Europe. He and his family have previously lived in Eastern Europe for over a year.

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GCN-website-missions-international-14Y. & D.

Yuksel was born into a Muslim family in a middle eastern country and raised to be a strong Muslim boy. He did not find peace and joy in Islam. After many trials as a young man, a Korean missionary gave him a New Testament and he began reading it, which led to his Christian conversion.

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GCN-website-missions-international-13David & Loida Robles

David Robles is the teaching pastor of Iglesia Evangelica Leon where he preaches, disciples new believers and trains new leadership to proclaim the Word of God. He is also the founding president of Berea Seminary which began in 2010 and where he continues to teach.

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Middle East

GCN-website-missions-international-21David Brickner

Jews for Jesus exists “to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide”. They effectively reach Jewish people in Israel and other places in the world where there is a large Jewish population. They have 30 centers in 24 countries and open a Jewish culture center wherever the population is over 15,000 in one place.

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Latin America




Bruce Torres