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What Is Church Membership?

After someone comes to saving faith in Jesus, it is crucial that they join themselves to a local church. It is in the local church that believers can be taught the Word of God, held accountable to their profession of faith, and exercise their spiritual gifts in loving service to one another. It is impossible to faithfully live out the teachings of Christ outside of a body of fellow believers.

This joining to a local church is what we call Church Membership. When you join, you are publicly associating yourself with Jesus and His disciples. You are affirming the doctrine of that local church, you are submitting yourself to the leadership of that church, and you are committing yourself to serve and support the ministry of that church. When you stray into sin or false doctrine, you should expect your fellow members to call you to repentance and assist in your restoration. When your fellow members have need, you should be ready to work with the body to meet those needs.

When you become a Member, you are saying that I am committed to following Christ together with these people.


Membership of Grace Church is only for believers in Christ, who affirm our doctrine, understand their responsibilities as Christians, and who are willing to submit themselves to the leadership of the plurality of Elders.

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