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Our Children's Ministry seeks to assist parents in teaching the Word of God faithfully and effectively to their kids.   We do this through Children's Church, Awana Clubs, and Vacation Bible School.

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The most important aspect of a children's ministry is the teaching.  Our responsibility is to make sure that we accurately and lovingly represent God's Word to children.   Children need to be taught the Gospel, key Bible Stories, theological truths, and principles for christian living. This is done through a variety of methods like Bible stories, activities, illustrations, crafts, songs, as well as through didactic teaching.  Of course, these must all be done by godly leaders who exemplify the love of God. 
For Children's Church (Sunday's at 10:30a) we use the Generations of Grace curriculum.  This curriculum also has a companion Family Devotional:

Generations of Grace helps Sunday School teachers and parents lead kids through the narrative of Scripture, from Genesis through Revelation, outlining God’s redemptive plan.

Every week, children in each age range learn from the same passage of Scripture in a way that is appropriate for their respective age levels. A unified curriculum enables families to discuss one passage together each week, reinforcing the lesson children have learned in Sunday School.

Each year the curriculum covers a different part of Scripture. Over the nine-year period a child spends, Generations of Grace will lead that child through God’s redemptive plan three times, each at a deeper level.


On Wednesdays AWANA Club which encourages kids to memorize key bible verses. 


Recommended Parenting Resources:

When using parenting resources it is very important to evaluate them according to Scripture.  God's Word is our guide for raising children and anything that contradicts His Word should be disregarded.  Below are some resources that are thoroughly biblical in their approach to parenting and we highly recommend them. 

  • Shepherding a Child's Heart - by Tedd Tripp
  • Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radicaly Change Your Family - by Paul David Tripp
  • The Heart of Anger: Practical Healp fo the Prevention and Cure of Anger in Children - by Lou Priolo
  • Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens - by Paul David Tripp
  • Get Outta My Face! How to Reach Angry, Unmotivated Teens with Biblical Counsel - by Rick Horne
  • Get Offa My Case! Godly Parenty of an Angry Teen - by Rick Horne

Serving in Children's Ministry

We are always looking for more people to serve in Children's Ministry.  There are a few requirements:
1. You must be a believer in Jesus Christ 
2. You must pass a background check
3. Teachers must be church members 


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