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Ranjan Nayak

Ranjan is a missionary partner with Grace in Asia. He is married and they have a son and daughter. Ranjan has a passion for the Lord’s kingdom. He leads, trains, and ministers to pastors of small churches, home fellowships, and mentor groups. His ministry is primarily to the tribal peoples, the poor, who are the lowest caste in their country where there are over 56 unreached groups.  In recent years they started a bottled water facility to provide income/support for many pastors and their families. The gospel ministry is seeing rapid growth. To date, through prayer, benevolence and Gospel proclamation, 18 people groups have been reached with about 130 churches planted. Since the ministry began in 2009, over 53,000 have come to Christ. Their prayer is that God would continue to save and grant them a total of 100,000 believers by 2025. Their greatest need is for trained pastors to equip believers to live for God and be discerning regarding the abundance of false teaching. Their goal is to equip 450 pastors in the next two years through pastoral training centers they have started in local villages.