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M. and his family are new missionary partners to our church. He is a graduate of the Master’s Seminary and served at Grace Community Church in Southern California.

He and his family recently left for the far East where they minister to people in villages and small towns spread out over a remote and difficult to reach part of the world. They will be under the Slavic Gospel Association and in partnership with Kingdom Air Corps.

He has a pilot’s license and plans to go to unreached townships with the Gospel. They have traveled to many villages and small towns already, visiting local churches teaching VBS, and preaching.

In their home town, they are building relationships in their local church for the discipleship of individuals and families.

M. has been invited to preach in the local church and a few other churches.

His wife, I. has found an opening to visit and teach Bible lessons at a local orphanage.

M. is working on having his pilots and mechanics licenses approved to facilitate the reach of the gospel by air.