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New Update

Y. and his family, wife and two children, are missionary partners to our church. A missionary with Action International, Yajak has a global vision and provides pastoral leadership training, mentoring, and discipleship to hundreds of pastors and church leaders in his home country, several other neighboring countries, as well as to churches in the United States and Canada.

Y. also pastors a church in his home town and has a thriving ministry to widows, many of whom barely have enough to eat.

Much of Y.'s time is spent traveling to the surrounding countries to hold training conferences. Many of these countries are closed and hostile to the spread of the Christian faith and persecution is always threatened. Much of the work is necessarily done underground for the safety of all involved.

A new door of opportunity for the gospel has recently opened in a nearby Buddhist country where church planting and training of pastors is underway. There are thousands of new believers in these countries and a great need to train pastors and leaders with right teaching and sound doctrine.