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Sola Gratia Ministry

Sola Gratia is a ministry started by Nilo Sanchez to reach various peoples in the Philippines. Nilo and his wife Feli have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Due to his health, Nilo has recently turned to his son Amiel to lead the mininstry. Since beginning in 2003 churches have been planted all over the islands: Luzon, Visayas and the Mindanao Islands. To date more than 1,500 men were trained, assisted, sent out (not necessarily directly by Sola Gratia but by their own denominations to plant and establish churches) as they finish their training with us both in our seminary and mobile school of theology.  We now have extension seminary campuses in Bulacan in Luzon Island, and South Cotabato, Tagum City in Mindanao Island. We are very much convinced that the way of extending God's Kingdom work is by training men in the fundamentals of the faith and ministerial proficiency. The ministry is growing to become more self-sufficient. Thanks to your support we now have rice farms, a mechanical rice dryer, and other agricultural production endeavors.  The projects provide jobs, additional support to our missionary-pastors, and the expansion work of the ministry.  Gamut Teknia School is now attempting to provide 100% free tuition to missionary children and seminary students' children.  We are now able to cater to the need student levels to grade 10.  We are meeting the educational needs of destitute children and at the same time incorporating Christian doctrines to this sin approving/tolerating world.  Our teachers understand that they are missionaries themselves with the captive audience of the school children. Our vision is to produce a generation of young Christians who will excel academically and are passionate in proclaiming the glories of Christ.