Who We Are

In the mid 1950’s several families moved to the Napa Valley who were attending Vallejo Bible Church. At the encouragement of their Pastor, Bill Graves, they decided to start a Bible study in their homes. It was through the efforts of this small group of believer’s, who were willing to be obedient to God’s leading, that the ministry of Grace Church of Napa Valley exists today and is being used by our Lord to effect lives of people throughout the world.
If you are visiting the Napa Valley, looking for a church home, or looking for answers about life, we invite you to join us in a faith journey together.
We are a Christ centered, Bible believing, Gospel preaching church.
The heart of Grace Church is to extend God’s love & compassion toward one another, faithfully serve the Lord and extend the Gospel to our community and beyond.
CONNECTION…We are affiliated with Converge PacWest (part of a larger Converge Movement of churches and formerly known as the Northern California Baptist Conference). Churches in our region are working together to delight God by starting and strengthening churches that transform lives and communities here, near, and far away. The key ministry strategies of Converge PacWest can be seen at
Sunday Services
9:00 AM Worship Service
9:00 AM Children (K-5th), Youth Classes & Adult/Family Classes
10:40 AM Worship Service & Children’s Classes (K-5th)

Nursery & Childcare available during both the 9 & 10:40 services. This ministry allows parents to worship the Lord unencumbered.

The adult/family classes beginning at 9 am range from what it means to be a Christian and the fundamentals of the Christian faith to looking into what the Bible says about living victoriously.
Communion is observed on the 1st Sunday of each month.
To contact Grace Church:
Call us at (707) 255-4033
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A Christ-Exalting Church
We seek to exalt Christ in His greatness and majesty. Man’s preoccupation with himself is the root of sin and has no place in the church. Christ’s exaltation and not man’s personal success is our primary focus.
A Scripture-Honoring Church
We are committed to the inspiration, inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture. Scriptures, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit and the care of the church body, are sufficient for growth and every spiritual and emotional problem. The integration of the concepts and techniques of secular psychology is unnecessary and, in the end, unfruitful.
A Preaching and Teaching Church
We are committed to preaching and teaching the Bible. It brings the authority of God and the proven principles of Scripture to bear in the believer’s life. The command to preach the Word in the light of Christ’s appearing is kept foremost in our ministry. We seek to preach and teach the great doctrines of Scripture; including the doctrine of God, the doctrines of Grace, Christ and others.
A Worshiping Church
We seek to make our services a vital and real experience in the worship and praise of God. We seek first to express back to God what we know of Him through His Word. Then we seek to experience the reality of God in our midst through the Holy Spirit’s presence as He leads us and responds to our worship.
A Disciple-Making Church
Christ’s mandate to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) is the focal point of all we do. A discipleship emphasis and thrust is regularly given to encourage and enlist believers to pursue disciple making in their lives.
A Marriage and Family Building Church
We are committed to the Biblical pattern for marriage and the family. The Scriptural standards for the husband and wife and child rearing are given regular emphasis and priority. We believe the key to the church is the family, the key to the family is the marriage and the key to the marriage is the husband and father.
A Ministering Church
The equipping of believers within our church for ministry and the operation of every believer’s gift is a priority. We are committed to the mutuality (interdependence) of ministry in the body.
An Outreach-Minded Church
We are committed to penetrating Napa County and beyond for Christ. Our mindset is one that constantly seeks to present the Gospel of Christ and evangelize the lost.
A Loving Church
The mark of Christ’s disciples is love. We are committed to pursuing and emphasizing the need for concrete demonstrations of genuine Christ-like love and acceptance.