S.O.S- School of Shepherding

S.O.S. is a training program offered by Grace Church designed to biblically equip men to shepherd themselves, their families, and others to follow Christ through ministering God’s Word. One goal of S.O.S. is to train men who will become future elders, deacons, growth group leaders, or men who want to disciple other men. The graduates met with Pastor John or Elder Don Doehla every other Saturday morning or every other Tuesday night for two years (excluding summers).
Web Links
The following links to other web sites are recommended resources for your information and study of God’s Word. These links are not sponsored by, associated with or maintained by Grace Church of Napa Valley.
We gladly recommend these resources as we believe they may be of benefit or a blessing to you.
Answers in Genesis 
Answers in Genesis provides a solid defense of biblical creationism. They are the leader in providing resources of all kinds.
Bible Study Tools
Bible Study Tools provides online Bible versions, commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and more.
Biblical Studies Foundation 
Biblical Studies Foundation, home of the NET Bible, posts hundreds of helpful articles on the Bible.
The Cornerstone Bible College & Seminary
TCBS cultivates four ministry commitments across its curriculum through a trained professorate who not only understand the importance of a rich quality content for each class, but who also understand the value of peer collaboration and the ministry experiences that each student brings to the classroom. For this reason, TCBS seeks to develop a student body that intentionally penetrates across generational and cultural divides and that is reflective of the diversity of the body of Christ as a whole.
Grace School of Theology & Ministry
Grace School of Theology and Ministry exists to assist local churches in equipping and challenging committed Christians to become effective Bible teachers and preachers who will function as servant-leaders in the church.
Christian Answers Network
A mega-site providing biblical answers to Christians and non-Christians.
Desiring God
God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. A ministry of John Piper.
Got Questions
The Bible has answers. We’ll help you find them.
The Way of the Master
As a ministry, our sole purpose is to inspire and equip Christians – to teach them how to share the gospel.